CD: 'Sumaq Ayllu' by Sagrada Familia


'Sagrada Familia' emerged during the period of enforced confinement caused by the pandemic, offering a healing refuge through making music as a family. At the same time, although physically distant from the Andes, Raymi has blossomed in learning traditional instruments and rhythms of the region. He is especially proficient on the ten-stringed ‘charango’, as well as playing flute and keyboards.

‘Sagrada Familia’ transmits a message of harmony and strong emotion to the listener inspired by family unity and musical understanding.

The songs are the first repertoire performed as a family trio, each song has special arrangements. Also "Condor Pasa" (Flying of the Condor) and "Cachipay" (Colombian pasillo) has arrangements for trio of flutes.

Released on 13/01/2023
Listen to/buy a digital version of the album here.


RAYMI WILLKA SALDANA ROJAS – Flute, Charango & Keyboard
KANTI QUENA (Carlos Saldana) – Quena, quenacho, sikus, guitar & percussion
PHAXSI COCA (Jeanette Rojas) – Sikus & quenas



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